We do fun, creative and strong dog toys. Our toys are made with dog and human needs in mind. You will find something for everyone!

A Few Words About

Tough Tugz

Our Thoughts...

We believe play is very important in a dogs life. Dogs are social animals and one of the ways they build and learn about relationships is through play. Playing with your dog regularly will teach you about your dog’s personality and strengthen the bond between you. Playing with your dog will also help in preventing boredom, providing exercise and giving an outlet for your dog's natural instincts. Play is a great way to reward your dog when training.

We actively design our products with specific dog play and training needs in mind. 

All of our products are handmade, mostly to order, in our workshop in the south west of England.

We have a huge selection of leads to choose from, all made with the agility dog in mind, there are plenty of slip collar lead designs which are very useful for training and competing, being so quick to put on and off. You will be sure to find something to suit.

Double Sparkle Grey Black Braided 2
collar and braided standard slip lead black pink
all sparkle slip collar silver turq
collar and braided standard slip lead blue turq
clip tuggy lead pink black
clip tuggy lead green lime
collar and braided standard slip lead blue orange
all sparkle slip pink grey 2
all sparkle slip collar silver pearl
all sparkle red black