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We believe play is very important in a dogs life. Dogs are social animals and one of the ways they build and learn about relationships is through play. Playing with your dog regularly will teach you about your dog’s personality and strengthen the bond between you. By preventing boredom, providing exercise and giving an outlet for your dog's natural instincts. Play is a great way to reward your dog when training.

We actively design our toys with specific needs in mind. Wether you have a strong dog, unmotivated dog, ball obsessed dog, little dog. Our toys are made to perfection using the best materials to prolong the life span of the toys.



We do fun, creative and strong dog toys. Our toys are made with dog and human needs in mind. You will find something for everyone!

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Jo Tristram, Lucie Hinchley & Lee Gibson

Jo Tristram

Jo is an international handler and seminar presenter, who has been competing in agility for about 10 years.

She has competed with a staffie X, beardie X and border collies reaching all major national finals including UKA Grand finals, Crufts and Olympia on many occasions. Between them her dogs have won Grand Prixs, Masters finals, Crufts Singles and a Crufts Agility Championship Final.

She has also reached several international finals, winning a total of 8 medals with her dogs. Her highlight was becoming World Agility Open Pentathlon Champion in 2011 with Bitz (beardie X) and winning the silver medal in the same competition this year!

Jo's favourite toy is the Pom Pom & Power Ring

Lucie Hinchley

What a journey for this fabulous pair! Lucie and Pixiie have had a speedy rise to KC grade 7 and have won 2 champ finals in 2015!!

She has also qualified for UKA grand finals Masters and Olympia on numerous occasions.

Lucie is also the owner of 'Dog Central' where she teaches classes herself and also holds many different guest trainer days. Check them out on Facebook!

Lucie's favourite toy is the Large Rugby Tug!

Lee Gibson

International competitor, trainer and judge. Lee has been doing agility for over 20 years and all of his dogs have been competing at the highest level nationally and internationally; representing GB on numerous occasions at European Open, WAO, IFCS and World Championships as well as nationally at Crufts, Champ Finals and Olympia.

One of Lee's highlights was getting a Bronze medal in team at the World Championships in 2011, France.

Lee is also a world known judge who travels around the world to deliver judging seminars and judging appointments. One of his standout appointments were Crufts 2015 and Olympia 2016.

Lee's favourite toy is the Ultimate Tug Ring

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